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I've been abandoned. mouse left to take a drive with spot, elfbabe and volsi just recently went to bed, most everyone else did too, chrisg is the only other person besides me still talking in any 11 IRC channels I'm in.

While I'm on the subject, I added a couple more people to my friends list... it's growing my leaps and bound now! ;) I noticed chris mentioned me in his last update, so here's me mentioning him in mine. I don't really want to get in the habit of announcing every new person though... I mean, that's what the friends list in the userinfo screen, and the friends page are for. And for the most part, I don't think anyone reads my journal enough to browse out to other people... one day, yes! One day, i will have groupies! :P

Anyway, tomorrow... if I wake up, feed neighbor's dog and let him out, oil change, while that is going on, haircut, pick little bro up from school, see if he wants to go to the mall, go to the mall despite what he wants, go to Barnes and Nobles, hope like Hell they have two copies of Winter's Heart in stock... it just came out on the 7th. Buy two copies. package one up for Ashley and try to get it in the mail tomorrow afternoon, feed neighbor's dog again, give him aspirin, feed the emus, come back home. Hmm, sounds like a decent day.

I'll have three books on my backup reading list then. Still re-reading Terry Brooks Shanarra series... ont he last book of the Heritage books... but I just bought The Voyage of the Jerle Shanarra: Ilse Witch. I bought Cryptonomicon back in September if I remember right, the beginning of Sept. Never read that yet either. Ah well, I'll be set for a bit.

Blackjack is asleep on my bed... he's been there all night. I'm surprised to, when I was watching National Lampoon's Loaded Weapon 1 earlier he was there, and didn't get up and leave even when I was crawling on my bed and moving around every few minutes. Surprising. Generally the cats don't sleep on any of our beds, but every now and then for a week or two, the cats are drawn to my bed and I practically have to shove them off just to sleep myself. :P

Things I consumed today: a liter of Mountain Dew, some OJ and Apple Juice, 2 freezer burritos, 2 frozen microwave dinners (Fettucine Alfreddo, and Escalloped Noodles with White Turkey in Sauce), a bunch of chocolate chips, 2 freezer Bob Evans Sausage Cheeseburgers, and I think that's it. Yum.

Somethings from previous days... was coming home Tuesday and Today, and man was it hazy and foggy. When I left East Lansing Tuesday, it was all over MSU's campus, but cleared up outside of town. Today it got worse as I got home... two accidents on 496, lights over the highway on because it was so dark both days, as I got towards home though, it got noticably darker and darker as you drove... it was somewhat freaky. And by the time I got home, it was raining and thw ind was blowing, and it started downpouring right as I was walking the neighbors dog around the yard. In other news, lots of cops out and about. One got on 496 ahead of the van that was ahead of me this morning... it's cool how smoothly you can go from 70 in a 55 to 52 in a 55 when there's a cop in front of you. One had some guy pulled over Tuesday, and another was being pulled out of the median by a towtruck because he tried doing a U-turn in the median, but the median is like 30-40 feet wide if not more and very steep going down and back up... he got down to the trough down the center, and didn't make it back up the other side... he basically ran aground, never even got to the point of starting back up the other side. Silly cop.

Dream! I had several good dreams lately... good meaning interesting. The only one I crrently remember involved a red cloud of malice floating around after me and other people. It came into the building we were in through a vent. Someone noticed it wasn't in out vents so he led the way into them so we could escape. The "vents" were small passageways made of cement though and not very big. I was the last one so i could sense it was behind me. But we kept going. My god that freaks me out. I'm not clausterphobic unless it's a space so small I can't move my arms and I fear not getting out. In this case, the tunnels were just big enough for my shoulders so I could only inch along pushing my my toes and pulling with my fingers a tad. *shiver* It'd be one thing to have your arms in front of you to defend yourself and get handholds, it's quite another to have your hands pinned uselessly by your side in a cement tunnel where you can't move. I'm just glad I'm alucid dreamer and knew it wasn't real. Remind me to tell about my other dreams some time... especially the reaccurring one.

Mom bought me new socks and underwear today, go mom! :P I complained yesterday about all my clothes disappearing, only having two pairs of socks out of a total of 12 + pairs I should have, etc. I think i mentioned it earlier, but mom and dad left for the cottages earlier tonight... long weekend for them up there. My dagger won't seem to sharpen correctly. And now the cat woke up.

I'm tired, I'll write more later.

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