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Very strange dream this morning/afternoon... I'll write about it in a bit. My woke me up just now by calling for some info on our neighbors up at the cottages. I remember the phone ringing this morning when mom called to get little bro up. He had woke me up and asked why I had out the phone on his side and I told him so it'd wake him up when mom called. I apparently went back to sleep because I don't remember anything else. I assume he got up, got ready, and was picked up on time. He better have. :P Anyway, I have to go pick him up at school in 45-50 minutes, so I'm going to take a shower now. Will need to find out if he wants to go with me on my errands. Good thing the dog goes with my parents to the cottages, I'm glad my sleeping in didn't keep him in his kennel longer than necessary,a nd that now that I am up, I don't have to worry about taking him out or watching him all day. hehe! I need to clean up my room too... hmm.

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