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Look at the time! Where does it all go? Since the directory and such are open again, I thought I'd make some use of them. Unfortunately I only found a couple people here in Michigan that sounded cool to me. Sadly, a large majority of them seem to like using words such as "wuz", "u r", etc or still think sTudLy CaPs are cool, which is just sad. I'd say a large portion of them turned me off just because they couldn't keep themselves from using the word "fuck" repeatedly in short, non-complete sentences. Not to mention the people typing in all caps, using no capitalization, or using no punctuation. I'm no god at these things... I'm a computer geek, not an English major, but come on! I'm saddened. I really hoped to find some cool new people.

In other news, I did add some more friends from the LJ channel on OpenProjects. Check the appropriate page for that. Like everyone else, I'm mucho liking the speed-up... good job Brad, you rock and all that good stuff.

Story of my night other than that will have to wait till tomorrow... it's friggin' light out already! I hate going to sleep with the sun coming up, I much prefer entering unconciousness in the dark. I'll write about my dream tomorrow too. And maybe actually get around to everything else I want/need to do.

Ah well, tomorrow... later today... you know what I mean.

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