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Making my bed. Cleaning room. Editing kano.

Neighbors dogs could actually walk today... he was limping though, and I'm not sure why. If it's just his hip displaysia, that's good. Limping is better than not being able to stand up yesterday. I gave him an aspirin like I was supposed to. If they had left me a number, I would have called them to tell them about it. Hmm.

My sis' friend pissed me off earlier. She comes over, here and sis sit around. They leave to watch Braveheart at someone else's house. I go to leave to feed the neighbors animals... but see that she has blocked my car in, left her car locked, left no keys, and is gone with my sis in her car. Argh! A thought occured to me... what if there had been an emergency? I don't have keys to my Dad's work van, my parents have the truck at the cottage, and I'm unsure as to whether keys to my Mom's van are int he cupboard downstairs. I would have had no way to leave. *grumble* As it was, I ended up going out to the barn and getting the quad to ride down tot he neighbors which wasn't too bad despite it being illegal and fairly cold outside. Sis just cam eback home a second ago because her friend has to go home now. The friend didn't come in though, so I told sis to tell her I don't apprecoiate it. Sis left again now though. Friend needs to learn to park over where everyone else parks rather than in the way. Feh!

Okay, finish making my bed now... then more.

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