Rick (medlir) wrote,

The dream...

The dream from a day or so ago. It involved being on a lake... not our lake, some other one. I remember waking up on a boat because it was starting to sprinkle. A handful of other people were on there too. The driver decided we better head back since it was raining. We started moving, and did a sharp left around another boat with a family who was fishing. We went way too close to them though... like illegally close... and took off. It was no longer raining though. I remember there being a rather sharp drop-off made of large rocks where we parked the boat on a small inlet off the lake. The grass around the cottage was really green and {full|lush|abundant}. At one point I remember running around with who I thought was my cousins. Someone was chasing me so I took off around the right side of the cottage, dodged several obstacles along the side (probably 100 yards), and was in the yard along the lake. No one had even come around the house yet. But then they did... and I took off again. I ran out across the front yard towards a dock... I ran down the dock and onto a very large boat... yacht-sized, 30+ foot... I ran up onto this giatn ledge/seat on the very back of it and jumped for the water. And then it got scary. All of a sudden, the boat and I were somehow hundreds of yards out from shore. No one was anywhere nearby. When I plunged in, it was as if I had jumped off a skyscraper into the water, and I plummeted down a long way. I was about to start swimming to the surface when I hit bottom... I was sitting on the bottom. There was light, but the weight of the water was so great, I couldn't even rock forward to get my feet under me... I couldn't get any momentum going... inertia held me. And so I was stuck... alone... on the bottom of the lake and I died there. No help came. I couldn't get up. The end.

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