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Yesterdays news...

Okay, so anyway... bro got up, went to school. Was late, had to ride his bike the 3-4 miles in. Not sure why he didn't wake me up to take him. I woke up around noon-1:30ish, got online, took a shower, and went to pick him up from school at 2:30. Got him, asked if he wanted to go to the mall, he said sure, so we stopped back here and left again at 3 or 3:30. We went to Quality Dairy, I got out $160 for the afternoon, got $12 of gas, and off we went. I went to the barber and got a haircut ($8) which I like and which looks spiffy. Then we went to get an oil change (~$29). I had to open my hood. My tires were low. I don't have any high-beams to test. My gas tank leaks a little. The guy was cool though... after the other people had left or scattered, he checked and filled my front tires again. And he smelled gas and asked if I had a leak, and I said yeah, and apologized about it (I don't think they're supposed to work on your care if you have a gas leak...), but he said he didn't care. :P So off we went again. Bro watched the end of Ninja Scroll on my laptop. We got to the mall 20 or so minutes later. Went to the bathrooms first because of bro. :P Then did a general walk-around. Stopped in the new Barnes and Nobles... they didn't have 2600 in the magazine racks, I was kinda hoping they would. But the whole reason for the trip was for the new Wheel of Time book by Robert Jordan. We had stopped at the bookstore in Charlotte but they didn't have it, and she said they probably wouldn't till Tuesday, but I was really only checking prices which she told me it would be ~$30. Okay. So now at B&N, I look all over. New Fiction rack up front, piles of new books up front, new books int he Sci-Fi/Fantasy section. At the aisle ends in that area. It's nowhere. SoI ask one of the guys, he takes me back to allt he old books, but I explain to him it just came out on the 7th and so we go back and he asks another guy... "We're sold out." Goddamnit! I need to buy a copy for me and Ashley (my friend in Texas), preferably soon so I can mail it to her. I'll have to go over there after work this week and check again because they weren;t sure when more would be in. Blah. So we head over to RadioShack and tool around. I see a USB extension cable I like. Bro wants a new PC gamepad. We're not sure how long the mall is open (Heck, we're there like twice a year if that...) so i ask one of the guys. He was pretty cool too... told us it closed at 9, so I asked what the current time was and he answered tot he second, and then told us to the second how long we had till the mall closed... 3 hours, 29 minutes, and 20 seconds. :P So we left and headed to the other end. Got to Babbages (owned by B&N who also owns FuncoLand, same as Software, Etc. also owned by B&N) and started lookign around. All the people there are always cool. There was even a gamer gurl present. :P Me and bro looked at the PC gamepads, the games, etc. And bro couldn't decide if he wanted to look for Mega Man X3 for SNES at FuncoLand later, get the new Zelda 64, or the PC Gamepad. I told him to pick one. As we were discussing it, one of the guys came over and when I told him "we" were trying to decide what "he" would be buying, he yelled out something about democracy in progress. :P So while we're deciding, without us asking him to, the guy calls FuncoLand for us, finds out they don't have MMX3, so bro decides ont he new Zelda. Cha-ching... ~$65. I owed bro about $22 and he had $12... so he owes me a bit now. Off we go again. There's this awesome t-shirt stand outside Natural Wonders with anime shirts, posters, card games, etc. Gundam Wing and DBZ shirts! 2 for $30... we both got DBZ shirts... mine is blue and has "Trunks" in Japanese on the front, and Trunks as an ascended Saiyan on the back... it's cool, right where the CN episodes are right now. Bro's is black with several of the chars. The t-shirt guy was really helpful so he was cool too. And he had this really hot girl working there too... tight jeans, tight red shirt, really cute. :P She came over a few times while we were looking... Oh my. :P Meanwhile, there was another really cute girl in the Natural Wonders doorway where she worked. If i could turn my eyes two ways at once... hehehe. So we bought our t-shirts ($30) and went in NW. Played with cool things. I put some bean-filled frogs, lizards, and such on my shoulder and head. Bro tried on a hat... he looked cool, we need to go back and get it for him... x-mas present from me maybe. Good idea Rick. Looked at the CD's... I want to get Celtic Journey and CelticTrance... not enough money! Hey, what are the chances the t-shirt girl or the NW girl are netgirls and might read this? Slim to none? I thought so, damn. Anyway, we went back down to the Shack, I bought my extension cable ($15), and because the smell was overwhelming, we went down to the Nut lady and I bought a 6oz bag of English Toffee Pecans ($5) which were god-like. I have 2 left... I thought I'd save them for mom and dad when they got home tomorrow. So we walked around a bit more. So by this time, after taxes and all, I have $15 out of $160 left. Not enough for one of the CD's, not enough to get bro the hat right then. Blah. I can't believe I blew that much money. I didn't even get the books I went there to get.

And so we left at about 7-7:30... got home. It was surprisingly early still. Bro played his game. I got online. We wasted the night away. It was midnight like nothing, and then it was 2:30 and I finally went and got my first real food for the previous day having only eaten pecans before that. Oof. Stayed up late... like 7AM... went to bed. Got up at 4PM or so today, goofed off here. Man... this has thrown my sleep schedule so far off.

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