Rick (medlir) wrote,

And in other news...

Finished cleaning my room earlier. Did some streaming camming. Talked to mouse. Goofed off. Made my bed and all as mentioned earlier.

Not sure if mentioned it, but I missed CIS 153 on Monday and Wednesday afternoons (12:45). Went to evening classes Wednesday. Had a test in CIS 265. Three parts... 1: 30 minutes, open computer, closed books and notes. 2: Closed everything, no time limit. 3: Open everything, no time limit. I finished part 1 in 12 minutes. I finished part 2 before anyone else finished part 1. And I finished part 3 and was on my way home as everyone else started part 2. He said I didn't miss anything in 153. All is good. I stopped my McD's ont he way home and got a Super size Big mac meal and a super size crispy chicken meal. Yum. I don;t see why so many people don't like McD's. Anyway, I think I aced the test with the possible chance I missed one question I was unsure on. I aced the practice the week before, so no worries. I usually ruin the curve in these classes. Oops!

Drinking up some A&W root beer right now, then it's off to sleep since it's almost 6AM again. Damnit!
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