Just woke up... reading friends entries...

Read about Volsi here... offer her support for her unhappiness. And for me, I'd like some people's response to my response. Am I totally out there, do most of you live that way and get away with that stuff? From my upbringing, that's just madness and will only make things worse... usually for me. *shrug*

Personally... both situations are horrifing to me. Children should not be allowed to throw things and after about age 3 should not be throwing temper tantrums. Parents should not be taking a belt to a kid or telling them that they only live their by their grace. No, a child has a right to an upbringing. If you create a kid, you have an obligation to house it, feed it, care for it, and make sure it gets enough of an education to have a chance at being self-sufficient. They do not have a right to expect that child to love them, be grateful, or give them anything back. If you don't like that deal, don't have kids.
However, if a parent/parents do a good job, usually the kid will. Personally, I was raised with very lax parents, but then I never had a desire to do anything problematic. The worst I did was not clean up my room and stay up late. And I generally stayed up late doing homework. This problem was fixed when my parents abandoned the concept of bedtime and just let me learn my own time management skills. You have to sooner or later anyway. And being tired and still having to get through the day a few times is a good lesson.