Rick (medlir) wrote,

Super glue and a tibetan yak...

Neighbors are home. I need to call them. I should finish my room. Parents brought home cajun turkey breast slices from up north at the deli... mmm. Homework... I don't think I have any which is good. Kid from on a perpendicular road to our came by to drop off candies and such from the school fund raiser. Yum! ($22). That takes mom owing me down to $17, and since I owe her $100 for my loan payment this month, I only haver to pay $83! Yay! Parents got up from naps then. Dad went out hunting. Mom started supper and such. I gave them both their English Toffee Pecans I had saved for them. I went downstairs. Unloaded and put away dishes in the dishwasher since bro had unloaded, loaded, and ran them this morning (we had left a mountain of dishes on the counter from this weekend, glad he woke up to take care of them somewhat). I reloaded the dishwasher too. Let the dog out. Cleaned out the Lazy-Susan/Turnstyle... threw out the stale cereals, made sure nothing was in the grain-like cereals. Mom started brownies and gave me the spatula and bowl to lick out. Mmm... chocolate. And now it's almost time for dinner. Hmm.

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