Y = A + B


Y = A + B

...hand recount because machines make mistakes (like people don't...)...

Y = ( A + 0 - 0 ) + ( B + C - 0 )



Was watching MSNBC about the Florida recounts. Something just seems really wrong to me when you start with a specific number of votes that shouldn't change, and recount them to find one candidate had no change, and the other only gained. They should...

1. both stay the same
2. one should lose some and the other gain
3. or they should both lose some and gain some.

The number of votes shouldn't be increasing on only one side, and not decreasing anywhere. And the major reason I heard for the multiple recounts was that machines make mistakes which doesn't take into account that people make mistakes usually more often, and often intentionally which a machine isn't capable of. One guy even went so far as to mention his bill at the grocery store being wrong the other day and blamed it on the computer there. I'd like to see how far he would get with the usual highschool student cashier trying to do simple math in their head to total his bill.

I'm not big on politics, but I strongly doubt the end of the world would come about in 4 years with either of them in office and so I'm not sure why they're going to all this extra work. Like one guy said while I was watching, the longer this gets dragged out, the less faith people will have in the system. They'll start to doubt and it'll only make it worse in the end.