Rick (medlir) wrote,


Okay, read my book till 5AM... got my wake up call a half hour later. Didn't actually get out of bed till 6:15. Packed up, headed out to the woods. Didn't see squat. Heard a lot of lunatics shooting 5+ times for no apparent reason. Knees got cold. Left the woods at 10:30. Talked to Grandpa. Came home. Took hunting pics with cam. Let dog out to go potty. Taking shower now. Then class. Then home again to let dog out. Then Grandpa's again to pic up bro. Then home again. Whee! Shower now though. AIM was being an ass this morning on my desktop... wouldn't load my buddy list at all... had a defaylt blank buddy list even though the buddy.lst file was there and had it all. SO I reinstalled, right over the top of the old one. Works fine now. Booyah!

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