Rick (medlir) wrote,

Skipped class...

I skipped CIS 153 this morning... again. That makes it one attendance out of six. Soon to be one out of 7. :P A couple emails I got from the prof today though...

COBOL Students:

Due to the late date in the semester, I am further reducing your work
load, although perhaps not your study load.

The two (2) programs you have been assigned so far (2 in 135 and 2 in
235) will be the only ones required for this semester. Although not
comprehensive, they should cover much of the material for your test(s).

I put practice tests (Word documents) on the web - one for 135 and one
for 235 - for you to study/practice with. Open the appropriate test(s)
in Word and print it. Use it to see how much you need to study. I will
place a review sheet on my web for you to study from, hopefully in the
not too distant future. I am leaning towards having your test be largely
open book.



CIS 153, 12:45-2:00, is OPTIONAL on Wednesday.

CIS 265, 6:00-9:00, will NOT be held.

Wahoo, reduced work-load, AND no class Wednesday for either class! Now if my Co-op meeting is cancelled or I email him and Fax/Email him stuff, maybe I can end my week tomorrow afternoon! :P

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