I'm being ignored on #lj so I'll post this here.

Apparently hijinx made some anti-gay comments on channel. Someone kickbanned him, a lot of people are pissed off.

The way I see it, making anti-gay comments whether he meant them or not isn't against any posted rule anywhere and it simply a matter of opinion and covered under free speech. I asked this on channel but got no response. If people find his comments offensive, why don't they just /ignore him? I mean, if he was offending the channel majority, that'd be one thing, but to get banned from an open-topic free form chatroom because he offended a handful? I see /ignore to be a much easier and fair solution for all involved. Those who don't want to hear it, don't have to. This shouldn't be such a big production.

There is only one posted rule for the channel, which is to be respectful. Any anti-gay comments are definitely a violation of that rule.

Top of my head, 6 people were offended by his comments. With a regular user base of 16 people, that's a significant portion of the channel.

Good point, I forgot about that.

"the only rule is to be respectful."

I guess some clarification is needed. What definition of respectful are we talking about? Respectful towards the channel in general? Respectful towards every individual? Respectful towards yourself maybe? It's not clear at all.

So actually, I can't make anti-drinking, anti-drug use comments either? And no one can make pro comments about either of those because it's disrespectful to me? I mean, straightedge is my lifestyle the same as gay is other people's. I think we should kick and ban everyone who talks about drinking and heaven forbid someone tell me I'm funny, silly, or stupid for being that way because I'll throw a fit damnit!

Or not. I'll ignore it and move on because it's not worth the argument and I don't care what other people's opinions of my lifestyle are. I live it, other people don't, I'd rather they made their comments and I made mine.

If 6 people were offended, that's still a minority and in my opinion, not worth banning someone over when those 6 can also use /ignore or just take it in stride. I admit, I never saw the comments, I don't know what their intent was, but I don't think any of this should have sprung up over them.