Rick (medlir) wrote,

Explaining and immortalizing.

From Janny Wurts' Wars of Light Shadow Volume 2: The Ships of Merior:

Medlir -- name carried by Arithon s'Ffalenn while he traveled incognito as Halliron's apprentice.

Arithon -- son of Avar, Prince of Rathain, 1,504th Teir's'Ffalenn after founder of the line, Torbrand in Third Age Year One. Also Master os Shadow, the Bane of Desh-thiere, and Halliron Masterbard's successor.


Self-written description from irc.warped.net #Enchanted_Land in early 1997:

Medlir is the merry Jester of the Land. In his purple, teal, and black Jester's suit he merrily wanders the Land, spreading his laughter. He is sneaky, and a 'meddler' as his name implies. Very hard to catch, and even harder to hold, Medlir floats his way through the Land leaving a trail of mischief. If he can't be found, he is off exploring and making new friends, just wait an hour, he'll be back, for he always returns to his true friends, and the beloved Land he holds dear.
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