Rick (medlir) wrote,

Blah feh!

So no one is around on AIM right now and those that are won't talk to me. *sob* It's now eight minutes till six o'clock PM and I'm still here at work. Maybe I should have hooked up my cam at 4... I thought I'd be leaving though and so didn't. Installing Internet Explorer 5.5 SP1 and Office 2000 on an old laptop. I have to do the Office2K install over the network from my laptop because the old one doesn't have a CD-ROM and the external Panasonic SCSI one we have doesn't like Windows. It's one of the old KXL-D720's that are a SCSI CD-ROM and a regular portable CD player too. It's fairly neat but under Windows it installs itself as like 8 drive letters (D through L or so) and then doesn't work correctly saying it can't find files on J:\ :P Dean bought a couple of those finger-mice... they sit on your finger with a trackball, a trigger button, and two other buttons on top. They look neat but seem completely useless. :P

Little bro just messaged me on AIM asking when I'd be home. "Real soon now... I hope." Even if I left now I wouldn't get home till almost 7. Bleh. I missed DBZ... I hope bro taped it. Unless Cartoon Network is still showing other crap on Fridays instead. I guess it's good if they are because then I didn't miss anything.

Nelson and I are the only ones still here I think. The cleaning guy is probably somewhere. They turn on the external alarms at 6. Oops. I'll have to ask Nelson how to leave without setting it off. :P

This weekend... I have to do all my crap for CIS 135 and 235 (COBOL)... I need to finish up everything for CIS 101 which is my Co-Op, and hopefully that's it. My Co-Op prof did his visit today. I think he was here for a good hour or so. Dean told me to fill out my own evaluation form for the class (70% of my grade) and just have him sign it later. :P

Bro just reconnected my computer at home and restarted VNC for me... whoo hoo! Remote desktop! :P Now I can check on things there. Stillw aiting for this other laptop. IE55sp1 setup done I think... Back to Office2K now. Blah! Hurry up crappy laptop!

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