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Had some weird dreams lately. Last nightI dreamt we still had my Dad's old motorcycle and I was riding it through Lansing/East Lansing around MSU's campus when a guy on another more modern motorcycle came at me fromt he other way. I think it was red and white. He whipped out a machine gun and opened fire. That wasn't much fun. I ended up jumping off the bike because I wasn't going fast at all and it skidded out on it's side. For some reason it had fishing line tied to it, and I was tryng to keep it from sliding farther away by holding to that single plastic line. It didn't work. One of the bullets grazed my arm but it didn't really hurt. I ended up getting back on, riding past to the edg of town and turning back around. By that time the cops were all around. I told them what had happened. Apparently they had found my cousin's Great Dane dead and half-missing. My aunt and cousin Jamie were telling the cops how he always got out and ran around. The concensus was the guy who shot at me was doing so to hide what he had done to the dog (which was part of a more dangerous scheme/conspiracy). I ended up going to some pet store/misc shop. I played around with this colored sheet of plastic that looked like fake mutli-colored hair when you put it on. I had parked the motorcycle in the next "room" which had laundry machines in it. Since I figured my dad's company owned the machines, the bike would be safe there too... it wasn't. I thought about how I probably should have takent he key out. Oops. Someone stole it and it was gone. I remember seeing my sister and someone else on campus. The next day I ended up in a big field near a pay phone. I was talking to someone who was trying to transfer a call from the police to me. It finally went through in the middle of me telling the first person something else. The police wanted to know what the guy looked like. I was confused and was asking "What guy?" because I was thinking the call was about the psycho or the stolen motorcycle. After a minute or so a guy in a personal helicopter thing crashed down in the field and realized what guy I was being called about... apparently these cops were psyhic or had been watching and knew the guy was going to crash ahead of time. There was more to it than this, but I'm drawing a blank now. Still very weird.

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