*In Adam/He-Man Voice* I have the powerrrrrr!!!!

It's amazing the leverage you have when you own people's souls. :P I've added several new people and have been added by several people over the last few days due mostly if not entirely to SoulXchange. No complaints here. :) I never got around to naming all the people I added before now... sorry? :P I'll make up a story entry someday soon that incorporates everyone!

For now, the most recent mutual additions due to SoulXchange...Mmm... LJ user souls...

Some people I added for various reasons...Now, I've come to the realization that these are all female individuals. Why is that? I'd like to take to credit for it and say it's my magnetic personality and charm or manly presense but then I'd be lying. :P Most likely it's due entirely to the fact that I own a lot of female souls and pure coincidence. :) I'll fix it soon... I'll balance things with an all-male friends update. :P

Just got a total stranger to sign up to soulxchange... Greg... user id 1942. He messaged me earlier on AIM after seeing my info while browsing the Member List at GeekNews. He must have been really bored. :P I've been talking to him for the last 2 hours though and he seems pretty cool. :)

Status Update: My soul is owned by 11 people, and costs 1578. I have 147530 SoulBucksm own 132 souls for a total of 277439 points. I haven't done anything at all with my portfolio today except buy a few more souls and I've gained almost 6000 points. It's self-perpetuating now apparently. :P

I cannot afford to buy yours *sniffle*

Someday I will own many souls... and will include yours muhahah!

Its good that you noticed the large presence of ovaries in your soul collection. It is a hard thing to not avoid I think... and not just in soul collections.
Its just harder with guys....boys are scary...don't knwo why..... they are more likely to be carrying spears I guess....and perhaps I am equally guilty.

good luck, and may soulxchange release your soul at some point back to the geek world.

The thing is, all of those people in the first group added me before I added them, so it wasn't even my doing. :)

The second half was my doing but by circumstance... I know Katy through IRC and Sasami, I've known arienna for years on IRC (WarpedNet #Enchanted_Land when it existed) and she lives here in MI, dorkgirl I had seen comment in one of the communities the day before, ectv I found as basylica on soulxchange and had gone to her page and thought she was cool, and lilly I had been talking to on IRC a day or two earlier. So they really all do have logical explanations. :P

I'm not scary though, I don't think. I don't have any spears (keeping this clean for the children reading), but I do have a 4 foot long two-handed broadsword. :P

Is that in a good way? =)

Of course it's good. :P Are yous aying there's bad dorks? :P Wait, don't answer that. :)

I'm laughing and not answering. =)