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... by chrisg's post which was somewhat sparked by a kuro5hin.org article (plus massive boredom).

A list of the software I use daily in Windows. Sadly, my list is more convoluted and contains many pieces of unsavory software. :P Hey chris... the LJ client isn't in your list? :P Do you actually use those few or did you limit it to those you use the most daily? I'm going all out... everything I use daily. :P

-- LiveJournal Client (I guess the /download/ dir doesn't exist right now...)
-- Win32Pad 1.0.13
-- IE 5.5 SP1 - Work
-- Mozilla 0.7 - Pleasure
-- PuTTY 0.51
-- WinSCP 1.0 Build 178
-- WS_FTP Pro v6.6
-- ICQ 99b Beta v3.19 Build 2569 Revision A - hehe
-- AIM 4.3.2229
-- Pirch32 - Not 98... bleh.
-- zMUD v4.62 32-bit
-- Becky! v2
-- GroupWise 5.5.3
-- Forte Agent v1.8
-- IrfanView32 v3.30
-- Mass Downloader 2.0 SR1
-- Winamp 2.71 w/ in_mp3.dll 2.72b
-- VNC Viewer

Of course, then there's background software that's always running that I use but not actively...

-- WinRoute 3.04g Pro
-- Dimension4 v4.3
-- dnetc v2.8012-465-GTR-01010823
-- ChillCam v2.4.0
-- NetLaunch v3.14e
-- WindowBlins 2.11 Enhanced
-- DynSite 1.10.373.3
-- ICQ ActiveList Server 99b v0.5 Build 9
-- RAM Idle 3.2 Beta
-- VNC v3.3.3r7
-- WarFTPd 1.66x4

And while I'm at it, I might as well mention I use geOshell 4.7 Beta as my shell in Windows rather than Explorer.

-- r5 Development
-- Main 4.x Functional Site
-- 4.7 Beta Site

And now, since I've spent far too much time on this... it's time to wrap it up. For some perspective and maybe awe-factor, all of this EXCEPT Winamp, Groupwise, and WindowBlinds is run under win98se on an ORIGINAL (with the compute bug) Pentium 90 w/ 64M of RAM and most of it all at the same time. Pirch32 is always connected to 3 nets and 11 channels. I can and do listen to mp3's at full quality on it as well on occaision, but why make it strain when I have a better qualified laptop that's usually hooked to me stereo. :P

My 486 runs NetBSD 1.5 but I don't use it actively on a daily basis. All console, no X. When I do use it, it's usually bash, screen, micq, naim, perl, and joe.

Quarter after 5 now... time for bed!

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