This post contains underwear material and related discussion, read at your own risk. :P

I wear briefs usually. Not boxers. I really don't know what the percentage of each in the general male populace is, but I don't really care. I'm wearing boxers at the moment though... my plaid ones I wear to bed. And it brings to mind the reason I wear briefs usually. The support man! I need the support! I don't know how anyone could stand to walk around all day flopping every which way, I think it would drive me nuts, not to mention I would think you'd have to be careful how you sat down half the time. And what do boxers people do when they wear shorts? Wear two pairs of shorts basically? That seems like it'd be stifling and annoying too. Maybe I'm strange. Well, not maybe. :P And my briefs aren't all white either, I have black too. :P

For those who actually read that and feel like commenting/explaining/adding to my thoughts, feel free. :P

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Briefs? Honestly most girls prefer something other than briefs. My room mate read it in she should know. She basically broke up with her last boyfriend because he wore briefs. So, if you don't want to scare off girls who read Cosmo.....well....

Good thing for me I want nothing to do with "most girls", I want that "one special girl".

Read it in Cosmo... scary. My sister reads Cosmo... wait, that doesn't help the case.

She broke up with a guy because of his underwear? I'm sorry, but do you know how extremely shallow and stupid that sounds? :P That's beyond even the superficial people who think only physical appearances matter... that's into the realm of clothing worn where no one else sees it. "I can't date you any longer, your heart beats funny and one of your toenails is ugly." :P

In other words, if your friend is a Cosmo reader and dumped a guy for that, I think I'm quite glad to scare off her kind. :P

Sorry if this sounds offensive but that just blows my mind. :)

er... "roommate"

Offensive? Not at all. I think she is exactly as you described her. I have a pretty good record in picking the odd ones to live with. My last room mate takes the prize though. A man at her work died. She told me she wasn't going to go to the funeral because it would upset the widow. I asked her why? She said "Becasue I look so would make the widow even more depressed". WHAT? A legend in her own mind.....

Indeed. If you don't like someone's underwear to such an extent, just ask them to remove it.

Good idea. :P