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From the possibly TMI Department...

This post contains underwear material and related discussion, read at your own risk. :P

I wear briefs usually. Not boxers. I really don't know what the percentage of each in the general male populace is, but I don't really care. I'm wearing boxers at the moment though... my plaid ones I wear to bed. And it brings to mind the reason I wear briefs usually. The support man! I need the support! I don't know how anyone could stand to walk around all day flopping every which way, I think it would drive me nuts, not to mention I would think you'd have to be careful how you sat down half the time. And what do boxers people do when they wear shorts? Wear two pairs of shorts basically? That seems like it'd be stifling and annoying too. Maybe I'm strange. Well, not maybe. :P And my briefs aren't all white either, I have black too. :P

For those who actually read that and feel like commenting/explaining/adding to my thoughts, feel free. :P

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