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Just woke up. After talking to my friend Mike and having him tell me he had a 50% cut fromt he SX rollback (actually 500K down to 200K), I calculated mine to find I went from a natual 1.8 mill to under 400K... or a 78% or so cut. Ouch.

Parents are planning on us going out to dinner and a movie as a family tonight. Except I think they decided along with sis (without asking me or bro) that nthing good is at the theater and maybe we'll just stay home and play a family game. Hmm.

Got up about 45 minutes ago actually. My mom apparently bought me a new comforter. That'll make three comforters, seven blankets, and six pillows on my bed now. :P Excessive or comfy? You be the judge. :P

Went downstairs only to find my parents were both laying down to take naps and sis left to go who knows where. I can't stand my prents need to take naps. Why don't they just sleep in and then stay awake the rest of the day? It's so much easier to continue to sleep than it is to go back to sleep when your kids and up and about in the middle of the day. My dad sleeps through anything on the couch, but my mom in their room, with the door closed, and with the insulated ceiling complains about every single noise (I have to use my headphones to listen to any music despite the fact bro has music on fairly loud in the den which is right next to my parents room downstairs). SHe almost always gets up and says, "I couldn't *get* a *nap* because *someone* was making *noise* and kept me *awake*." With emphasis on those words as indicated. :P I just figure that's what she gets for sleeping in the middle of the day and not blocking out extra noise. Dad has no problems. And half the time at night my mom will get back up and yell up the stairs... "Will you two be quiet? And turn off whatever it is you have on." And we'll both be laying in bed with nothing on and not making a peep because we're trying to sleep too. :P Then it's, "Well I don't know what I'm hearing. It must be something outside." Poor mom, we joke about her being senile all the time, luckily she's not really and just picky, or at she's not totally. :P My grandpa (her dad) is a jolly old man. You can't really tell if he's slightly senile or just a big goofball and it's hilarious. All my cousins on the other side love him, it's funny. :)

Anyway, I could on and on aout this topic, like my mom bugging me for something and poiting out the drawer only to spit out "Fork!" a minute later, or telling my bro to "Brush your teeth before you trip over them." That one is a classic. She meant to say to tie his shoes, and brush his teeth before we left but they got mixed. :P

But as I was downstairs I got food. Fries covered in seasoned salt, and two chili dogs. Yum. Surprisingly I wasn't in the mood for a third or fourth like usual. Probably because of the somewhat large spaghetti dinner we had late last night. My mom bought me Mountain Dew yesterday though so I have the 2l up here with me for an afternoon of caffeine consumption.

What should I do with myself and my caffeine-laced sugar water? I could play with MySQL and start putting my library into a database, or else my music collection. I could install and tweak more stuff on my server. I installed a ton of stuff off the i386pkg1 CD I burned from ISO last week. I wish I could have gotten the second CD downloaded and burned. I moved everything in /usr/pkg to /usr/local and then made pkg into a symlink to /usr/local so I don't have to worry about binary packages wanting to go in one place and pkgsrc pakcages I compile going somewhere else. Of course, I could have left both in /usr/pkg but I don't like that dir for cosmetic reasons. :P

I could play a lot on the MUD I play. Make a bunch of gold. Maybe there's some good runs going today and I could pick up some good eq to sell. Or I could level some of my lowbies and get them closer to av or maybe av them entirely, I think my warrior is lv 37 or so. What's 13 levels in a day? Nothing for a decent power leveler. Too bad that's not me. I could probably get bro to get in on it or run some of the maller multi-av mobs.

I could do a bunch of LJ updates. I have a ton of stuff, especially dreams, I never got around to writing about. I have my Steno notepad journal I started in 95 too, I want to type up a ton of that into LJ entries, then edit the dates in the client to be the real dates.

I can't do much on SX till some people get worth more and I get some cash for leeway. Lots of souls and no cash doesn't get you much but a standstill. I started selling off all the people I bought when everything was going crazy. I started at the low numbers, opened 20 pages at a time, and bought everyone while I could. I ended up boosting my souls from 374 to 474 owned right now. So about a 100 gain. So now I'm selling off those fluff souls to get cash to improve my own soul value. Trying to make sure I don't sell off anyone I'm supposed to own. LJ people are easy to tell because I have the list to look them up on. Others that just bought me and I bought back are somewhat harder. Luckily, Plato filled my request to be able to sort your portfolio by other means and now I can do purchase date and figure out who's newest.

Mmm, brand new MD... it burns!

I could chat on IRC a bunch. That usually eats up plenty of time I could use to do something productive, but it's fun and entertaining and we all know that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Poor Jack. Too bad Medlir is already a dull boy. :P

I need to do 8 hours worth of work-work too because I put down 8 hours on my timesheet for Friday on Thursday, but never went in Friday. I should check my work-mail for that matter. My current project: In Visual FoxPro, write code to pull registry values indicating if an update has been done on the program, and if so, what kind. Then based on those values, update a ton of data files (delete the old tables from the database container, copy the new files over, reinsert the new tables into the database container). I'm supposed to throw all of this in an object based on a Line because my boss says a Line object has all the methods and procedures I need but takes up less resources than if I were to create the new object myself. Whatever. I can do it that way if he wants. That shouldn't be too difficult though annoying since I already have it written the other way. After that I'm suppsoed to write update code for the mail handling part of the program so we can send an email out from Taskman to the field inspector's Field programs and when they check for messages next time they're online and run the program, it can download update message in the form of text or meta-tables (along with the normal confirmation and results messages they'd usually get) that I'd then parse to update specific data files/tables. What fun.

I guess it would help if I actually knew FoxPro or Visual FoxPro but he knows I don't and I said so in the interview. Although, with the reference book, MSDN, and general programming knowledge it's not hard at all. It just seems daunting at times. :P

I'd really like to code something of my own I need a good personal project but currently have no ideas. I haven't written anything major in a long time. Front-end to the Novell send program, front-end to two little assembly programs that turn off and on laptop fans, my MP3 database that tells me what CD a particular song is on, my perl scripts to do IRC game stats, convert Pirch logs to mIRC style for use in mIRCstats, and to download the daily static from UF, and my stats rom distributed.net. I haven't used my MP3 database in forever since all our mp3's are now being stored ont he family computer in the den so everyone can get to them all the time. We're running out of space down there though (500M left) and I have 1.43G here on my laptop that aren't down there. There's another project, sorting and tagging all our mp3's and burning off those least listened to. I need to buy my own burner. Tagging 2000+ mp3's is a daunting task too though. We need a new hard drive for storage to put in my server, or the den computer. A 5-10G drive would probably be fairly cheap right now and could be dedicated to mp3's and all I've got laying around currently is a 540M, two 365's, and several smaller (40-28M range). Of course, I need a new computer all-together. Although...

*** If anyone feels like helping out a broke college student and buying him a $5 Pentium 166 non-MMX off eBay to upgrade his current P90, please let me know and I'll give you my address. :P

I don't have any online money, credit cards, or a checking account. Everything I pay for is in cash and what few things need a check occaisionly I pay my mom in cash and she writes me a check (like my LJ payment :P). I'm pathetic, I know. Sometime this weekend I need to get my car push-started so I can actually go to class Monday. Although I don't have any money for gas, and I don't have any money for my books so I can do my homework for Monday. And I don't have any money to pay my $479 tuition payment on the 14th. But hey, I'll get paid $184 or so on the 1st. And if I work my ass off next week and the week after that, I could conceivably get a $551 check on the 15th. That'd help, but I don't see me getting in 80 hours of work in the next two weeks with classes going. It's funny, I'm a full-time student and a part-time worker but I work more than I go to class. :P

*** I'd really be grateful to anyone who bought me a P166 non-MMX :P

I have over 50 CD-R's and no burner to use them on. Another thing to do... clean up my F partition and burn off a bunch of that. There's tons of stuff on there. I'd post a file listing but dir /a/s *.* > fdrive.txt is 1.2M in size, and even if I throw in the /b for bare output, it's still 765K :P I don't think anyone cares that much to spend that much time to view it and I know I'm not going to spend that much time uploading it. If anyone needs/wants old versions of ICQ, AIM, Winamp, LJ win32 clients, or many other things, just ask, I might have it. :P

Downloading "Nelly Furtado - I'm Like a Bird". I like that song and I think she's cute. :P

I guess I'll stop this for now, catch up on other things, and try to some of these. I want to install NetBSD on my other 486 too. Whee!

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