Rick (medlir) wrote,

Some more journal spam.

These are from OpenProjects... most of the more recent ones have to do with SX but that's okay... if you didn't know that they might cause someone to doubletake. :P

10/11/2000 00:59:13 <hijinx@#livejournal> medlir: you have a child porn cam????
10/12/2000 00:28:42 <teferi@#livejournal> medlir, the only times females I am not related to touch me is if I bump into them in the hall.
10/12/2000 02:33:18 <mely@#livejournal> who is medlir takling to?
10/12/2000 19:19:13 <l3sli3@#livejournal> i see medlir on warped
10/24/2000 15:06:28 <JZig@#livejournal> hmm, how many people ask how medlir can have two different connections? :P
10/29/2000 19:08:41 <teferi@#livejournal> medlir, s/256/255*255/;
10/31/2000 18:38:05 <backslash@#livejournal> medlir: of course. if it can search through a few billion pages to return 85k in 0.08 seconds, it must be good.
11/02/2000 21:00:25 <JZig@#livejournal> to make medlir happy
11/05/2000 13:23:11 <revjim@#livejournal> ACTION * revjim puts medlir back to sleep
11/21/2000 02:31:59 <hijinx@#livejournal> medlir roolz
11/21/2000 02:32:06 <hijinx@#livejournal> ACTION * hijinx bows to medlir
11/21/2000 13:23:15 <CowsCows@#livejournal> medlir doesn't like you
11/25/2000 01:07:26 <terra@#livejournal> medlir: Much better use then what it used to be.
11/25/2000 21:02:35 <nabinea@#livejournal> that's so gross, medlir
11/26/2000 10:10:16 <starzz@#livejournal> medlir wakeup
11/26/2000 10:17:32 <starzz@#livejournal> well, medlir rolled over... LOL
11/26/2000 10:39:25 <starzz@#livejournal> medlir is awake
11/26/2000 13:53:39 <starzz@#livejournal> medlir made you say that
11/26/2000 15:50:33 <starzz@#livejournal> medlir are you going to come clean my room?
11/26/2000 16:07:22 <nabinea@#livejournal> medlir..oh becuase i'm that kind of person
11/26/2000 16:08:21 <Volsi@#livejournal> ACTION * Volsi applauds medlir
11/28/2000 08:14:56 <starzz@#livejournal> go to bed medlir
11/29/2000 03:56:54 <Endril@#livejournal> medlir: First, there was Bondage Faeries. Then, there was The new Bondage Faeries. Then, there was Faerie Fetish. Then there was Faerie Fetish Extreme. Then there was Bondage Faeries Extreme... and now... there's... THE NEW BONDAGE FAERIES FETISH EXTREME(#%^&%
12/03/2000 21:47:48 <PyroP@#livejournal> medlir threw them in the garbage.
12/05/2000 23:17:18 <Volsi@#livejournal> ACTION * Volsi scratches behind medlir's ear
12/05/2000 23:20:44 <Volsi@#livejournal> ACTION * Volsi recieves massage from medlir
12/17/2000 15:47:40 <Volsi@#livejournal> yay! medlir! rhiawifey!
01/03/2001 02:02:51 <pyzr@#jabber> ACTION * pyzr is taking medlirs advice
01/05/2001 20:15:43 <piman@#livejournal> medlir, Unable to fetch some archives, maybe try with --fix-missing?
01/11/2001 22:11:59 <revjim@#livejournal> medlir owns mine... the bastard.
01/12/2001 11:43:39 <mely@#livejournal> ACTION * mely boils medlir
01/12/2001 22:06:23 <piman@#livejournal> medlir, Sakai is going back to his home town
01/13/2001 02:35:30 <belladonna`@#livejournal> i took zhannie's lead and added medlir to mine <g>
01/14/2001 14:34:15 <piman@#livejournal> Everyone buy medlir, you can make a quick $3k!
01/14/2001 14:40:35 <starzz@#livejournal> its showing you as a loss medlir
01/14/2001 17:59:42 <jphoenix@#livejournal> damn! i wish i could buy medlir!
01/14/2001 18:08:17 <krzy@#livejournal> lol i think lots of people are waiting for that medlir
01/14/2001 18:24:51 <JZig@#livejournal> medlir owns EVERYBODY
01/14/2001 18:32:53 <terra@#livejournal> medlir, you're weird.
01/14/2001 18:57:02 <chrisg@#livejournal> i think only medlir owns me, the soulwhore that he is :)
01/14/2001 20:24:46 <nabinea@#livejournal> medlir is #1
01/14/2001 22:29:41 <Chrizma@#livejournal> i spent all my money on medlir
01/14/2001 23:30:48 <krzy@#livejournal> he thinks now that he has bought medlir's soul and that i know his pw that i will cause some type of soul crash
01/14/2001 23:31:34 <krzy@#livejournal> i told him he was nuts to think that since i am one of medlir's owners
01/15/2001 00:06:14 <nabinea@#livejournal> medlir..you are my cash cow
01/15/2001 00:06:51 <starzz@#livejournal> medlir you are just popular
01/15/2001 14:47:26 <nabinea@#livejournal> medlir is satan and he gets us all confused
01/15/2001 15:13:48 <JZig@#livejournal> and, well, medlir owns the entire universe
01/15/2001 19:13:33 <jphoenix@#livejournal> ACTION * jphoenix lol - you want me medlir? ;)
01/17/2001 01:41:03 <belladonna@#livejournal> ACTION * belladonna would rather have hers be owned by medlir
01/18/2001 20:38:48 <Chrizma@#livejournal> medlir just said it was up
01/19/2001 23:33:31 <belladonna@#livejournal> medlirrrrrrrrrr and bluuuuueeeeeefishieeee
01/20/2001 14:22:41 <chrisg@#livejournal> thats evil medlir

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