Rick (medlir) wrote,


hehe, I have identified Optic's mystery bug! It is the Leaf-Footed Plant Bug (Leptoglossus occidentalis)!!!

20010124223429 <Optic@#thepark> mediir: what bug?
20010124223440 <Optic@#thepark> mediir: not conclusvely
20010124223616 <Optic@#thepark> mediir: sec, booting netscape
20010124223739 <Optic@#thepark> mediir: I'd say THAT's the bug!
20010124223750 * Optic@#thepark shakes medlir's hand
20010124223912 * Optic@#thepark pokes medlir
20010124223928 <Optic@#thepark> medlir: that rules
20010124223939 <Optic@#thepark> medlir: do you have a url with details?

Optic's page can be found here and his original picture can be seen here. The page I finally discovered it on with some creative Google searching starting with "box elder bug related" is here. My pictures of it can be found here and here. (Note: The second picture is from the site above.)


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