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[01.24.01 13:49]

[LONDON] -- Scientists from London's Institute of Science and Technology issued a warning today regarding exposure to various forms of radiation. At the top of their "risk list" was the common webcam, whose radiation has been proven to cause fabric disintegration on the female form.

"Our research indicates increased incidents of spontaneous nakedness after prolonged exposure to webcams," states Dr. Ian Yang, head of the Radiology Department. "All studies point to this being a problem caused by prolonged cam exposure mixing with material atomic bonds, since everyone knows that young teen girls aren't dumb enough to expose themselves before millions of people."

Dr. Harold Johnson from L'ecole Sexuale de Paris disagrees. "It's all about freedom baby, YEAH! There's nothing wrong with self-expression. Our experiments indicate that teens enjoy getting stared at while showing off their funbags. In fact, our in-depth research shows that there is a direct correlation between being a slut and owning a webcam. It may be the old 'chicken and the egg' story, but here in Paris we have come to accept that webcam girls are little more than dirty little whores prostituting themselves for gifts. May god bless their pert young breasts."

We will continue updating you on this breaking news story as the world reacts to these shocking studies.


01.24.01 04:22]
[ /dev/vagina ]

Notes to remember:

Improper permissions on /dev/vagina can lead to arbitrary amounts of child processes. Proper permissions are 744. (User=read/write/execute. group=read. world=read). It is important that group and world are NOT given write access. Not only could this lead to improper forking but granting write access also allows for viruses to infect the device or use it as host to infect other nodes in the network.

For those who do not heed this advice here are some precautions you can take to avoid problems:

a) Use a wrapper script to keep the application from directly accessing the device. Many of these are publicly available.

b) Create a block device for accessing /dev/vagina. This block device driver should have filters written in to kill viruses and prevent child processes.

c) Applications should have a form of flow control written into them. Not all applications are fullproof. Keep an eye out for security advisories for your specific application. Before you put the application into full production, keep it behind a firewall for a development stage. After proper load and fault testing it can be put into full production mode.