Rick (medlir) wrote,

Random crap.

My meals lately... Monday night I had pork steak swimming in oil and gravy with potatos... Tuesday night I had three BLT's... Wednesday night I had more of the meat and potatos... and tonight I had six chili dogs. I can feel my arteries clogging and hardening already. :P

While watching Last of the Mohicans just now I was interupted no less than three times, maybe more. All three times by my mom, all three times she opened my closed door to do so (bro is in bed in here too). This last time, at the exact climax of the movie, she comes in, and asks me (I'm sitting in my chair with my headphones on so I don't get yelled at for having my TV/stereo too loud), "Didn't you hear me yelling at you?" "Nooo... I'm in the middle of watching a movie!" "Oh, well i wanted you to see these gothic people on TV." "Mom, I've seen goths before." I was fairly pissed/annoyed she'd bug me like that when the two previous times she came up I was watching the movie with my headphones on too. And for something so dumb? Like anything they're gonna show on TV is going to be more graphic or "weird" than I've seen in person or on the net. :P Feh.

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