Rick (medlir) wrote,


ja, j00 h34rD m3! m00!

Drank up my kool-aid.

Sis got us together to see What Women Want tonight. It was pretty good I thought, I laughed a bunch. It was sis, her boyfriend Russel, his sister Beth, Laura, Heather, and me. Sis tried to parallel park my mom's mini-van by pulling nose first into the spot. We're all like, "What the heck are you doing? You back in while parallel parking!" Then she tried that and we ended ups everal feet on the sidewalk. So then she just drove across the street to the bank parking lot. :P

Then we went to Felpauch and turned in all the pop bottles we had. Broke botht he plastic bottle return machines. :P I think we got $6 or so from it. Enought for two people's tickets at the movies.

Thank you Dwaggie for being the only one to respond to my long post. :P

My kool-aid is gone. I watched several hours of Undressed on MTV... it's like soft porn for teeny-boppers who don't want to get caught with the real thing. :P I watched the last half of The Craft before that.

I'm being ignored on IRC now, the girls are talking about Rainbow Bright Halter Tops. I suggested a He-Man one instead. With Adam of Eternie on one side so that you could yell out, "I have the power!" and take it off, turn it inside out, and have He-Man on the other side. :P They didn't even respond tot hat comment at all though and I got ignored. Feh. I'll make millions one day!

visions read my post on the lj_dev thread from a week or so ago. I emailed him a bit ago. He wanted my build/source but I don't have anything. :P Maybe I'll actually do something one day. Earlier I had the idea to code a Metaverse a la Snow Crash using the SMAUG MUD codebase. piman said SMAUG is horrible but I never saw him reply as to why. Hey pim! Why? Realms of Despair is huge, apparently a lot of people like it. :P If nothing else, it's what I'm familiar with and have locally bugfixed already.

Chrizma just told me to look at this and now this and Jess just said she wanted this.

Currently listening to Our Lady Peace.

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