Rick (medlir) wrote,

The task just given to me.

Rick's Program

*can Tee use new path to change command line options and default start directory?

1. Check for Installation
  • Abort with error if not installed

2. Check for first installation
  • what type of install?
    • data
    • complete
    • program only do nothing

3. Data install
  • verify presence of data files
  • update all files found, even check field characteristics and modify existing tables to match (zap existing, append new data, reindex)

  • Open sysfile, update all path designations
  • open sysmail, update all path designations, email address, source type (FIELD, ADMIN)
  • open sysmain, path update, create mail prefix

4. Update registry as needed

What fun. :P He wants this by Friday apparently. It's not overly hard. Then i get to re-write the communications library to use the VFP MAPI class from nbcsoftware because it apparently works better than IDSMail.
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