Rick (medlir) wrote,

Oh yeah.

And now since my sister knows my mom wants us to spend next weekend at the lake as a family, she wants to drive straight from college to the Lake, and "Russell and the boys can ride in the back of the truck with you guys." First off, who said me and Nate want to ride in the back of the truck? Second, who said we wanted to ride with Russell? I love how she makes plans for us without consulting us at all. It's like having a neurotic secretary... "I think I'll schedule the boss for a surprise vasectomy on Tuessday, a cane beating on Thursday, and we'll top it off with a Lorenna Bobbit Treatment on Friday." Umm, yeah, I don't think so. I think maybe Russell can stay at home for a weekend for a change. There's no reason he needs to go with us. Or he could even drive himself maybe! Or barringg that, maybe I'll make a concerted effort to get my car in working order so me and bro can drive ourselves.

On a lighter, less pissed at sister, note. My mom bought 3 kinds or shaved turkey breast fromt he deli up north because she knew I'd like it. Usually we get this cajun turkey kind that's awesomely delicious. This week she brought back Maple-Honey, Hickory, and Hard Wood flavored turkey. My favorite is the Maple-Honey but I ate up the 2 remaining slices of Hickory, and 4-5 slices of Maple-Honey... just plain, not even in a sandwich because we're having spare ribs for dinner. :P

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