Rick (medlir) wrote,


Just changed my lastn style... check it out!

For the intended result, try downloading this font. I'm working on making it more enjoyable for everyone. Anyone know why Mozilla completely ignores font-family in a CSS document and uses it's default fonts instead of the CSS document's?

Anyway, this is just one more step towards making my LJ my complete personal web site. :P Any comments? Good or bad, I'd like some feedback. How it looks in particular browsers and versions. I've only been testing in a nightly Mozilla from a week or two ago and IE 5.5 SP1. Besides Mozilla ignoring my font, they look identical here.

Does LJ not allow javascript? I made my cam image link to a javascript popup window but LJ seems to change it to "about:" :P Bleh. Easy way around that, link to an HTML page with a 1s refresh that opens the popup. Bleh.

Just thought of a feature for the LJ client that I think I want... auto-linking. So I could type keywords like amazon, napster, mit, google, etc. And when I hit post, the client would go through a user-editable list and link up those keywords automagically. Anyone else think this would be neat?

One potential problem I see is if I post with a long subject line... it'll wrap funny... hmm.
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