I'm disappointed. I've posted almost as many comments elsewhere as I've made entries in my own journal, and posted 2.5 times the number of comments I've received. I made a new style and I asked for one simple thing last night... "Any comments? Good or bad, I'd like some feedback." I got one... thanks chris. Somewhat makes me wonder why people have bothered to add me to their friends list... I assume the lack of comments either means nobody else bothered to read the entry, or else nobody else thought it was worth taking the 30 seconds to type out "It sucks and is ugly." or else "It looks nice." It really is disheartening and disappointing.

I don't read your lj from your page.. I read it from my friends list which eats your settings... so nyeh!

As for being on my friends list.. you're privledged :)

That's why I provided the handy "check it out" link that pointed to my main page though. And yes, I am extremely priviledged to have you add me as a friend. After all, it's not every day that a deity of sorts takes notice of mortals. :P

I read your request for feedback at work, so I didn't check from there, and then promptly forgot once I got home. But, wow, I can be guilted easily! =)

I think it looks good. It's very easy to read, which is more than I can say for most of the redesigned styles out there. It's no-nonsense, which I appreciate...it loads quickly. I'd rather have a page load before I go grey than look at someone's cheesy wallpaper. So, good job!

I wasn't looking to guilt people into commenting, just to express my feelings of being ignored. I'm not overly happy recently, as noted with with my posts about my sister Sunday among other things. Did you try the font? What browser do you use? Thank you for commenting this time though.

No, I know you weren't trying to guilt me, I was just laughing at how easily I guilt, whether people are trying to inspire it in me, or not. Maybe it goes hand in hand with being so gullible? =)

Duh...forgot to mention browsers, fonts, and the like. I'm a Mac woman, so the font won't work for me, but I use Netscape 4.74, if that helps.

I love that font. I think it came with kano/XiRCON.

And I know that, I was just being a pain. I skim other people's entries all the time, but like I said, I wasn't disappointed with just the lack of comments. It was the lack of comments coupled with the fact that even though I don't post many comments and that I skim too, I still post lots more than I receive.

Coffee? Mountain Dew!

oh silly- i like it. i think its cute how you have the cam on there... sorry i didnt comment earlier- poop head :P

Thank you. :P But my cam has been on there for months... it just used to be at the bottom of the navigation bar that's on the left with the punquin style. I did change that it's a popup now rather than going to a different page. I'm not a poop head! Well, not today at least.

i know the cams been there. i just simply said i liked it :P.. and yes, you are a poop head. i must admit that i am too.. just.. you are more or something..