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Thank you.

As I said in comments, I wasn't trying to guilt people into commenting after the fact, but thank you to those who did comment anyway. I'd much rather be recognized for what I've done, and not for what I've pointed out, but I crack sometimes. I've actually waited years for people to notice different things and recognize/appreciate it.

Example... I helped our high school band for years loading and unloading equipment, chairs, settings up props, doing grunt work, and my senior year, the band director decided to reward me. He gave me the Director's Award for that year even though I had never been in band. That was nice, I was surprised. On the other hand, I had been a regular member of an IRC channel for years, since the day it had been made in fact, and during that time other people advanced from being low status all the way to being channel ops based solely on their personal relationships with others while I sat in the same place as always. One day I finally cracked, I complained, I ranted, etc. I accidentally guilted them into raising me too. And now it doesn't mean nearly as much as it would have if someone would have taken notice on their own.

Anyway, I'm just rambling now. I have to leave for class in 25 minutes and I need to do my homework and study for the quiz before I leave. I actually didn't get home from class till 11PM last night... oof. Much earlier tonight hopefully.

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