Found this program through genki. I find it to be surprisingly accurate on most things. The things that stand out most as being wrong are that my parents are actually very close, I'm not artistic, my mom wasn't always there (she worked, we were at our babysitter's/"second mom's" house), etc. I think I can go along with everything else though. Try it out. :)

* WHOAMI analysis *

{C}opyright : Maurice Smith MOLCOL SOFTWARE (UK) 1992

Character Analysis of: MEDLIR

You are a born romantic who loves antiques, flowers, historical things and events. People like you are often very intelligent, always creative, and in most cases - possess artistic skills.

The word 'Teaser' may well sum up your relationship with other people because you tend to lead them on, creating an image to control and influence how others see you. You like to be liked and can be very sensitive to criticism. Before letting anyone get really close, you must know them for a long time and trust completely that they would like the 'real' you.

If some people can be described as 'very materialistic' then you represent the ultimate opposite. No amount of wealth or rich possessions could tempt you away from your desire to live as you wish. For you, happiness is built on spiritual foundations; some people with this trait may occasionally be a bit naive.

In general, others find you easy to approach. However, you can be shy of new people in unfamiliar situations. This trait can lead to people that don't know you well mis-understanding your
attitude, and seeing you as unfriendly. As you are affected strongly by people you're with, you tend to try and project an image of yourself which best suits their expectations of you.

Much of what we become is formed in the early years of our life by our parents and family. When you were young your mother was always there for you: very loving, generous, and warm. She put
her family first, before all else, and you respect her greatly. Surprisingly, this has not been a major factor in shaping your character and the person you are today. Other major factors in your childhood or adult life have been more influential on you!

You do/did not know your father deeply, but perceive him as an uncomplicated person. He was (or still is?) a lovable, jolly dad. He was normally there when you needed him most. This has had some affect in the past on forming your character. Parental traits, affecting how you like to deal with life, come from your father (a little) but more from other factors.

Your mother and father were not a close couple. They are shown in your picture as often divided in their relationship.

You can be very introspective, often thinking deeply about life and it's purpose. Your picture indicates you possess a major capacity for reflecting on a variety of subjects especially
on philosophical or possibly emotional issues. You posses a strong belief in at least one specific discipline: religion, sexual equality, science, animal rights, politics etc.,

Although you have suggested in your picture that you are someone that prefers a stable affectionate relationship rather than a mad sensational fling, it may not be entirely true. Your libido appears to be repressed - this may be due to immaturity: are you fairly young ? If not then what your picture depicts is true and you will always need understanding, closeness, and warmth in your shared experiences with a partner.

You do not appear to be ambitious but you're able to work hard to maintain a balanced life-style. However, you have a tendency to avoid confrontation too quickly when faced with obstacles in
your way.

Summary of other traits and personal tastes:-
Decision making : Balanced - calculated or judged.
Day-dreams most of : Various - dependent on whim at time.
Worst Nightmares of: Loneliness, being trapped, bad health.
General Outlook : Very optimistic.


In general, the parent analysis is usually off (as is the very first part -- based on the type of house you chose, if I remember correctly) that I and friends have noticed. Regardless, it's a fun/intriguing programme, no?