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Animal crackers in my soup...

...monkeys and rabbits loop-the-loop.

I think I need to change my schedule. Go to bed at a normal time from now on so I can actually get a full night of sleep and go to class and work like I'm supposed to. It'll mean paying even less attention to IRC than I do now, which doesn't ever seem like that much. Right now, I've regressed to as bad as when I first started four years ago... get online around 5PM, stay online watching IRC till 5AM, sleep for a few hours, be late for everything. I used to be able to operate on that little sleep, but can't seem to any longer which pisses me off. I don't even chat on IRC that much but somehow it still eats all my time. Too bad I don't get paid to chat.

I can't wait till a little more of the snow melts and it warms up another 10 degrees or so... I really want to get back in shape. I could always work out downstairs, but the motivation isn't there anymore. I've said it before, but it was nice having a big weight-room at Rose-Hulman and having a group of friends to workout with. I want to be able to ride my bike damnit!

Money... boy do I need it. To pay for my classes, pay my parents back for the amount they paid for me already, several $100 montly payments to my parents that I owe them, money to fix my car, money to buy books, computer equipment, geek toys, etc. When do we get to a Star Trek world where money doesn't exist? 23rd century? I can't wait that long. :P

Work... I *have* to actually go from now on. I will lose my job if I'm not there at all, even Dean isn't that understanding. I really haven't done any work on the code he wants from me, but he said they've changed how they want it done anyway. I feel really bad though, which as far as I can tell, I should. I wonder how I can make it up to him beyond showing up and actually working regularly from now on.
I did work on the code for auto-linking in the LJ win32 client while I was at our cottage last weekend... before I got sick. Since I know very little on how to implement it, I started by making a keyboard shortcut, and throwing another case into bold, underline, italic, etc function, and then put link text and address pairs in the String Table. It worked/works... select all text, hit the hotkey, and it'd link all the matching text. I started over though. I'm going to move it all into it's own function, make it so you don't have to select the text first, and store the text/address pairs in the registry like moods. Then I'll add a dialog to the client so you can edit them that way. Learning is fun! :P I can't seem to find where in the code it specifies the registry keys to use.

The current uses Software\bradfitz.com\LiveJournal (LiveJournal147b1). Finding the bradfitz.com in the code was easy, it was just defined right-out, but I can't find where the LiveJournal part comes in. I even searched for the word LiveJournal everywhere. :P I'd much rather store everything in Software\LiveJournal\<client-name> or even Software\LiveJournal\Post\<client-name>. So sync agents could go in "Sync" or something similar, and multiple (ideally, if there were other win32 clients) posting clients would all be together in some fashion. Where does the Software\<Company>\<Product> convention come from? Personally, I think it's pointless... a lot of programs you really have no idea who made it, so then you have to do a little research to find out just to find the right place. Very little software has no name, but lots of software isn't produced by a company... so instead of some people using <CompanyName>, others using <AuthorName>, and others using <SoftwareName>, why not everyone use <SoftwareName>... you almost always know what the specific program you're looking for is called... Software\<SoftwareName> seems so much simpler...Software\Diablo2, Software\zMUD, etc seems much more intuitive. Enough pointless rambling though. :P

In Philosophy 250 today, I sat next to this girl I think is cool. She seems that way mostly because she seems different. She wears a full length coat, and hangs it up by the door where the coat-rods are built into the wall... I don't think I've ever seen anyone actually hang up their coat on the coat-rack. :P She seems like the artistic type, and gets capachino often during break. She's fairly small, short and thin... cute in an anime sort of way I guess. I'm not sure what her name is though. It's hard figuring out who in the class is a religious nut and who's not too. Avoiding religious nuts is important. :P If I wasn't such a loser I might actually talk to her one day. :P I do stupid things like try to time my leaving with hers so we walk out at about the same time so that maybe she'd notice and talk to me. This week and last week I noticed she actually was behind me from class to the union but she keeps going when I come in here, I'm not sure if she has another class or if she leaves or what. The Art Building is at that end of campus though. I'm such a dork. :P

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