Forgot to really mention my current illness. Last Saturday, the 17th, I became fairly ill. I had a terrible headache, chills, etc. When I went to take a hot shower Sunday afternoon, I was shivering uncontrollably. I drank a lot of kool-aid Sunday afternoon/evening and took cold medicine, and since my brother wanted to leave Sunday night, I decided it might be in my best interest to go and take him with me so that I could sleep in my heated waterbed at home rather than another night on the undersize couch at the cottage (long story on how that ended up being my permanent sleeping arrangement there). So at 9:40PM or so, we left on the two hour drive home. I started taking daytime cold gel-caps and my headache went away but other less savory cold symptoms made themselves known. I slept a lot better at home, and woke up and went to classes from 12:45-9:00PM. I kept gel-caps with me and my 64oz cup with me full of water, I ended up drinking 140oz of liquid that day. I slept all of Tuesday and work up around 4:30PM, just in time for class. I only went to class so my partner wouldn't have to do everything himself, but then I get here and find out he's leaving instead of doing lab, so I left too... actually, most of the class left too. I slept and skipped class Wednesday, and Thursday because by Wednesday, I couldn't talk. I couldn't really breathe for that matter either. My throat was sore and it was hard to breathe and swallow because of the soreness and congestion. I had started taking nasty-flavored green cold syrup instead because we ran out of gel-caps and my congestion started breaking up. Body-wracking lung cougs hurt damnit. <TMI factor="5"> Thick yellow mucus... eww. <TMI> Friday, I stole my brother's Doctor's appointment and found out my cold had turned into a possible lung infection. So now I have anti-biotics. After taking them all weekend, I can actually kinda talk now, the congestion is clearing up, and my throat is less-sore. He said I should be really clearing up by Tuesday or so. They had trouble finding my charts when I went... I hadn't been there since '98 when I got my hepatitis (I can't remember what letter...) vaccination (immunization?) shots so they had me in the back storage room. He hadn't actually seen me for illness since '96 which is what he looked at to proscribe my anti-biotics. :P I'm usually really healthy, I mean, I'd have to be to be able to go 5 years without a serious cold when I wear shorts all year in Michigan winters. :P I'm healthy enough for class and work now though, just have to make sure to take my pills twice a day.

On a lighter note, Rod (one of the profs here, not one of my profs though) let me uswe the tools and supplies here crimp a new RJ-45 connector on my 3Com cable. Rose-Hulman charged us loads for new ones so I had just duct-taped the cable to the connector since it had come loose of the outside crimp and I was worried about it totally pulling loose, and the little clip had broken off too... it's been broken since '98. But no more! It's fixed! I crimped it nice and tight on the shielding, it's not ugly like it was before (it had more than .5" of leads showing), and it works great. :) I'll have to bring in my 15' green cable Stephanie gave me and put a new connector on it since it's clip is broken. Rose gave us so much free cable. :P Anyway, I'm bored of class, we're not doing anything, and I waited too long so the union cafeteria is closed and I can't get food, so I think I'll go home. Whoop!