On my way home from class I passed a guy jogging... at night, in the dark, along an unlighted road, with no reflectors, wearing a dark blue sweatsuit. I thought to myself... "Wow, that's smart." Then I thought about...what if I hit that guy? What if he had been on this side of the road, on the inside of this curve where my lights don't shine? He actually should have been... if I remember right, you're supposed to ride bikes and such with traffic, and walk against traffic. I thought how bad it'd be to hit a human with a vehicle. Then I thought... you know what... if I hit someone accidentally, whatwould they do? Would it be so bad to get involuntary manslaugter and get put in a minimum security prison for a bit? Free food, cable, college classes, no work... as long as it wasn't max security and I didn't have to be anyone's bitch, would it really be all that bad? :P

I got home, dad was on the phone. I mixed a can of pork and beans with a can of spaghetti O's for dinner. Yum. Actually, it wasn't that great as far as texture but it was filling and didn't taste bad or anything. Anyway, soon after, I realized my dad was on the phone with the doctor. Apparently, my mom was doing her nightly excercises when she almost passed out. She got really sick to her stomach in basically the flash of an eye. Dad described it as being "like a lightswitch was flipped". She couldn't move when I got home, because she had extreme vertigo she said. So right now my parentare at the hospital. The hospital suggested that dad bundle her up and get her in fast and that it definately wasn't the cold that's been going around (they did say the severe headache, and my symptoms are normal for the current cold going around though). So off they went. I told bro to get in bed and he did, I put the dog in his bed box, and then watched the end of Erin Brockovich and the end of Highlander: The Final Dimension. Dad called during Highlander. He said they have her on an IV, and they don't know what it was, but he says she looks better now. He said he'd call again if anything bad was going down. He hasn't, so I assume they have no idea and/or are just keeping an eye on her for now. And so, I have no idea when/if they'll be home.

In other news, it's 11:45 and almost time for DBZ/Outlaw Star on Toonami Midnght Run... I need to take care of the rest of my food and get some pop, kool-aid, or water to drink. Whee.

I hope your mommy is ok!
my mom had something scarier yet somewhat similar happen (altho the signs were there LONG before) and the docs couldn't figure out what was wrong with her, and she ended up passing out on I-90 in chicago. she is clinically depressed and has an anxiety (i can't spell, sue me) disorder.
i'm glad docs know what they are doing =/ she had been bugging them for months and they ran so many blood tests they almost sucked her dry. eesh...
then my sister who had a pointy head, and my mom kept taking her to docs....she was 3 when they finially decided to do a CAT scan, and turns out she had a massive (altho benign) tumor growing between her brain hemispheres...

i don't trust docs much to tell me if i'm OK or not OK, but they are useful for getting drugs out of, too bad i can't get the kinds i like best =)

anyway, hope your mommy is feeling better and nothing is seriously wrong!

Thanks, I'll post this in a minute but she's okay for now. They still don't know what caused it though and she can't go to work or drive for 2 days. She is home now though which is good.