Rick (medlir) wrote,

Damn me.

5AM and I'm awake... what happened to bed at 1AM? Well, my parents got home soon after 1AM... mom is okay for now. They told her she can't go to work, and to take it easy for two days. She's not allowed to drive at all though. Her blood tests came back fine she said. They have no idea what caused it though. She said on the way to the hospital, she couldn't even watch my dad driving down the road because the vertigo was so bad. Hmm.

I guess I'l just stay awake and not sleep tonight. No good cartoons on, maybe I'll watch a movie... watched Secret of Nimh on my laptop last night. I still have apple juice to drink too. No sleep, a fulld ay of work, and then class from 5:30-8:20 doesn't sound liek fun though. Hmm again.

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