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More retardedness from I. I didn't sleep last night, stayed up all night and took bro to school around 7:20. I have Philo-Ethics at 12:45-3:55 so I'm going to leave early and see if I can find a faster way to drive there using the highway... if I could cut 10 minutes off the half-hour drive I'd be happy. I watched most of Die Hard with a Vengence earlier. Around 11 I'm going to go pick bro back up since he has a half-day. Class will royally... suck... for lack of a better word. We've only had 4 class periods previously. I missed one due to sleeping in, and another due to being sick last week and not being able to breath or talk. And today we're having a test. :) I could be studying, but am I? Of course not. Last night she gave us two labs to do for the week rather than one. Most everyone left (all but 4 of us) because they're not due for a few weeks. I stayed and completed one entirely before I left. Hmm, half-hour nap before I go pick up bro?

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