Bah. I'm usre I failed that Ethics test yesterday. It was 5 essays... I started the first one by saying, "Cows, they say 'moo'." and then explaining how I had no idea and it was my own fault. :P I might have gotten one of them though... the one on Subjectivism. In other news, making a handful of posts in a short amount of time became decidedly annoying for me this morning. I'm sure I've done it at some point though, I'm sure it'll pass. I should be at work, or heading to work, or planning to head to work... but I'm not. I'm retarded. I don't want to lose my job, I like my job. But now that I've been gone so long, I'm apprehensive about going back. I panic too easily... I constantly war with myself about going to class if I'm going to be late. The other day I had to repeatedly tell myself, "You paid for the damn class, you can show up and and interupt any damn time you want!" It's not nice or polite but it's true and better for me to actually go part of the time rather than not at all. Same with work... I need money, working earns money, but I have no money for gas and such or to fix my car, or to pay for classes, etc... and so I get apprehensive and panic and shutdown, and then I don't go to work which only makes it worse.


I noticed on my friends page, the Table Data element that contains the datetime, picture, and username wasn't the right color. Upon closer inspection, it was... it is %%bgcolor%% which is the background color of that friend... unfortunately, I set everyone to white (what is the purpose of different colors?), so it looked funky. I deleted it, and let that part default to the regular background color instead so it looks neater. I cleaned up my lastn page last night. Gave it an HTML 4.01 Strict DTD and started working it over. Just need to get rid of one CENTER tag and it should validate perfectly. My CSS validates with no warnings even when telling it to include All. Hurrah! Earlier I thought LJ was ignoring my character entity references but it was just me... I hadn't used them when I should have. Problem... I want to use the URL for full userinfo... it includes an ampersand... if I use an ampersand, it won't validate because it thinks it's part of an unknown entity reference, if I change it to %26 it'll validate, but LJ won't process it that way. I think there's another option, but I don't think it'll work either... should LJ interpret and convert % sequences in URLs?

The door slammed downstairs... I thought my dad was home and I'd get yelled at for not going to work. It's just bro though, he had another half-day. *whew*

My eyes hurt... *whine*... I slept yesterday afternoon from 3 till 7 or so I think since I didn't sleep the night before. Then I ate dinner, sat up here and wasted time, and layed back down for a bit around 1AM after Outlaw Star got off. Then woke back up around 5:30AM, went to the bathroom, and half-watched Freakazoid!. I turned off my TV and went back to sleep after setting my alarm for 8. Then I woke up around 10, having no memory of turning off my alarm. Apparently, bro and mom getting ready and leaving didn't wake me up either.