Rick (medlir) wrote,

Bah! And double feh!

At the orthodontist, I find out my sis doesn't have the week off from work, so the family won't be on vacation after all, so therew was no reason for me to ask Dean to not start till the 10th. I really could use the money. So I call him back, apologize for the run-around, but he's set ont he 10th now, says it'll work good for him because he'll have time to clean off his desk, HR will like it because I'll be starting at the beginning on a pay period, and it'll give me time to do the paperwork and orientation. Oof, damnit! I can't complain about another week of summer to myself, but I feel bad about giving him the run-around just because nobody tells me what's going on here. Oh well. I hate dealing with this crap. I'm tired now.

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