I should be going to bed. Work tomorrow. I actually made it in Tuesday. Class this week has been good. Now to just keep it up. I think I'll do actual work tomorrow.

you sure don't move very much on cam!

Well, I sit in my chair... and look back and forth between my laptop and my desktop. How else should I be moving? If I thrashed violently in my seat, my family would wake up. :P

i move more!

hehehe...and there is alot to be said about thrashing violently ;)

I noticed. Your cat moves too. :) I think our three are all asleep much like everyone else. As for thrashing... there's also something to be said for little brothers asleep 6 feet away. :P

oh god, i remember those days =/

you are talking to a vet of 5 younger sibs. my baby brother is still only 9. luckily they are in a land FAR FAR away =)

i have 2 cats actually...they look a bit alike both being black and white....didn't plan that tho. i wanted a black one and a colored or stripey one...and blaise caught my eye after i already had tuxa =)

I only have two... sis is a year and two days younger, bro is 16 and four years younger. But I live at home so they're CLOSE CLOSE nearby. :P

Our oldest (and biggest) cat is Blackjack... he's black and white too... weighs like 21 pounds. :P Clyde is smaller and newer, we got him about 2-3 years ago. And my sis has a long-haired orangish cat that's mean and named Doc (Holiday). :)


blackjack looks kinda like my blaise =)
their pics on on my site

i have such original naming huh? (for the dirs)
blaise is named after my first love, programming...and tuxa is the femme version of TUX for linux. i'm such a dweeb!

youre lucky, for awhile i shared a room with my 21yr old step sister, and my 19yr old sister (younger at the time of course...i think we were 13 and 10)
i moved out when i was 20, about a month after my b-day. i couldn't take it anymore.
and now i have a loverly apt in texas...far far away. go me!

I don't know Pascal, but Pirch's PIL scripting language is based on it. Hmm, a cat named Daemon... Actually, I know several people who copycated each other andnamed their cats "cat5". :P I didn't get to name any of our cats though. Bro named BJ, Sis named her own cat, and Clyde was a barncat my dad got free from some people we know and was named after my dad's old cat by the same name. :)

I shared a room with my sis when we were really little, and have shared a room with my bro since... basically the last 14 years or so. I'm in rush to move out though. :P My family doesn't bug me usually, my parents don't have any unjust rules, and being a bum saves money (no rent, food costs, utility bills, etc). :P

i thought about "five" for one of my cats, but their names seemed to suit em for some reason. dunno...

my family life sucked. i don't like to talk about it much, but i was abused in alot of ways, my mom hit me, and she was in a hospital in and out for 5-6 years for mental reasons. and i was MOM for all the kids. i have issues about these things.
or so a shrink would say, ere i had one.
i moved out poste haste and would not go back. i dislike visiting. luckily i have a good excuse to not visit much =)

Sorry to hear that. Sounds much like my dad growing up. He's the oldest of five kids and he ended up basically raising them because his mom wasn't the greatest. She divorced my Grandpa before I was born though and moved to Florida when I was younger. We see her every now and then and that's usually enough. :P We actually went down there and visited in '94 when we went to Disney World.

yeah, that sort of life is tough, and it makes you not want to be there, because of the old feelings...atleast for me, and in the few years...i dunno