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Last Saturday

I invited sis and bro and anyone else who wanted to go to the British Isles restaurant. Sis brought her friend Heather and boyfriend Russell. We left around 9PM I think and got there around 9:30. We ordered a bunch of appetizers because they rock. :P We got two battered sweet onion blossums, chili cheese fries, and mushroom caps and proceeded to pig out. It was awesome, I love that place. So we talked and ate till about quarter to 11, and then headed out. (Sis still owes me $14 for her and Russel and Heather owes me $3-4, bro got his meal free since I'm a cool brother :P). We went to the 18 screen theater down the highway but most of the movies didn;t have 11:15 showings or were sold out. I wanted to see Hannibal but little bo wasn't old enough and Heather didn't want to either. So then we wondered and discussed what cool people do during the weekend while standing in the lobby loitering. I maintain that there's pockets of "cool" people somewhere that aren't getting stupidly drunk but are having good clean fun somewhere. Sis disagrees. But since none of us are cool or hang out with "cool people" we couldn't think of any cool places to go, and so went to the movie rental place instead. :P I was the only one to get a movie and it was Wizards. I finally watched it tonight. $1 for a 5 day rental. But anyway, we took Heather home and the rest of us came back here and watched my copy of Being John Malkovich since sis had never seen it and wanted to. And that was my Saturday night of fun. :)

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