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Okay, so I didn't sleep at all last night. At first I had planned to go to bed early like usual and then it was 3AM, and then 5AM, and then there was really no point in laying down when I knew I had to be up to take bro to school. If I would have gone to sleep, I wouldn't have woke back up for that or work.

And so, I stayed up all night. I watched cartoons, drank apple juice, listened to music, chatted online, spent a bunch of time on soulxchange. Took bro to school at 7:30. I got back, had Toaster Scramblers for breakfast, washed my hair around 9 and left. I got money, and then went and got my hair cut. I then stopped by the little computer store next door to see if they had PS/2 cable Y's, but they didn't, so I headed for work.

I still think it's hilarious when people totally ignore the signs saying "Right Lane Ends", "Merge Left", etc. And then they get to wear the white line starts coming over and the pavement ends and they swerve over suddenly like they had no idea it was coming up. :P I get over in the left lane as soon as I get off the exit ramp... it's a smooth merging transition since people are rarely coming along the left lane to begin with. But they can't seem to figure that out even with the signs and so the lane disappears right out from underneath them, and they throw on theirs blinkers really fast and sneak over like no one saw anything.

So i got here around 11. Deanw as at my normal desk so I set up at Nelson's spot since he wasn't here yet. I talked to Dean for a bit, and checked my State mail. Then Nelson arrived so I had to vacate out here to Jenny's space in the other room since she's not here today for whatever reason. And I'm been here since. In the last half-hour to an hour my eyelids have grown super heavy. While looking at the screen my vision keeps fading in and out and I think if I wasn't paying attention, I'd fall asleep sitting up in my chair. So I'm drinking my 2-liter of Mountain Dew because iw ant to be awake when I drive home in 4 o-clock traffic. :P

I think I might stay awake long enough to watch Outlaw Star but maybe not... maybe I'll just catch the Midnight Run like usual. I watched Macross Plus last night... there's like 4-5 episodes I guess and the Action Channel showed all of them in order. It came on soon after I got home and got off just in time for Outlaw Star which worked out well. I think I'll collapse when I get home.

I downloaded Serial Experiments Lain - 01 - Weird earlier, I'd download others but I don't have time to get more 200M+ movies at 40K/s before 4PM when I'll leave. I'm downloading what I think are a bunch of Fushigi Yuugi episodes now since they're in RealMedia format (bleh) and only 10-30M in size. I also got half of Dungeons and Dragons from my friend Brett's ftp. he messaged me saying he was bored, I said I was too and asked if he had anything I could download so he gave me his Ip and I started downloading. I also downloaded a bunch of new backgrounds... I'm using a D.N.A. one right now. I downloaded one Tenchi one, six or so DB/Z/GT ones, two El Hazard ones, and this that I'm using. Hooray for fast net connections!

Dean has left for the day now. I need to talk to Nelson about my coding. One more hour! I can make it!

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