Rick (medlir) wrote,


Okay, so with the help of my parents and the credit card they use solely for online stuff (it has a $500 limit and has never been used for naything but our ISP monthly bill before now), I have purchased myself a perm LJ account. Now, as long as LJ is around for 4+ years, I got a great deal. :P Actually, I'm happy to support LJ and would have paid for it year by year anyway. :)

Anyway, that means I have a paid account that's good through October 4th, 2001 to give away. I don't have anyone in particular I want to bestow it on though, and I'm not sure how to decide who to give it to, if anyone. There's no sense in letting it go to waste, but how do I determine who's more needy? :P Suggestions wanted! :P

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