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I'm in UNIX class. I actually got here on time for once since I didn't go to work today again. Oops. Forgot to email the rest of my lab to the prof last week so I got 28/35 instead of 100%... bleh. I slept all day again. :) I should go to Philo tomorrow. I need to talk to my neighbor about feeding his animals while he's gone, and I need to go back over to my fried Matt's house to fix their scanner. His mom paid me $50 to buy a 56K modem and pay me the first day, $23 the second time I went over, and plans to pay me again. If I didn't hate tech support so much I'd have lots of money.

Hey look, nefas has a LiveJournal! Check her out, she rocks. :P

I installed BitchX on my zepbbs shell so I can IRC from here in class without doing it RAW in telnet. I told my brother to make an EZ-BIOS/Data Lifeguard boot floppy for me while I'm gone... damnit, I want my desktop to work again. I hope to hell I don't have any data loss. I would really be upset then. Luckily, most of my personal stuff was last backed up on 11-28-2000 to CD so I wouldn't lose all. *sigh*

I think I'll leave class early rather than doing the lab. I can email it. 3 days till spring break... whoo! For lack of naything better do over break, I think I'll just work and make moneys. Moneys is good. I need to check my work email when I get home.

I hope it warms up soon... at least 50F would be nice. I love how it's staying lighter out again. Summer rocks for daylight. My unix prof has winamp running ALL THE TIME on her demo system that's hooked to the projector. I've never seen it used. Maybe someone retarded installed it and it's that damn Winamp Agent.

Before I ramble any more I guess I'll call it quits, maybe I can make a more meaningful post later. heh.

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