Rick (medlir) wrote,


Okay, I really need to do a serious update, but not now. Quick update though... I just updated/fixed my LJ style on both my lastn and friends pages. Resized and added some thing to both, changed my friends page to follow my lastn page layout, etc. I like it. My desktop is still borked. I downloaded a program called ResQDisk which allowed me to redetect my partitions and rebuild my partition table. I can now access my c, d, and e partitions and I'm going to grab everything I can off there. F: is forked though... from DOS you only get a single random-char filename that is 4+ gigs in size. :( Feh, there's a lot of history in backed up installs on there damnit! I might try to copy the second copy of the FAT table for that partition over the first to see if that helps. Otherwise I might have to do even more work to recover it. Anyone had experience with this kind of thing? :P Feh, I need to get to copying crap.

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