Writing this here since no one on IRC cares to listen to me babble about what I'm doing or thinking of doing. No work today, hooray. I want o get my desktop fully up and running today... I want to transfer off the e: and d: contents to here, burn them off, and then try to get f: recovered so I can copy it. Anyone know of any utilities to search a borked FAT32 partition for files? Then I'll trash the whole drive and start from scratch. What fun that'll be. I also want to take a bunch of pics today, scan a bunch of stuff, and upload it all to my zepbbs space. Anyone else want to give me a free shell? I feel two isn't adequate when only one is usable from class, and the other is down at times. :P I could probably spend some time on my LJ styles. I *REALLY* want to talk to Brad since I've been trying to for 4+ days now, and sent him an email 2+ days ago that's unanswered still... all I want is to transfer my remaining paid account time elsewhere! I even checked the support area for information on doing it just in case I should be bothering someone else but I didn't see anything. Mmm, stale BBQ chips. BlackJack decided to climb on my laser printer and then on my desk in order to steal said BBQ chips. I gave him a few and then he left again. :P I was just made aware of a new hole in IE security... here is CERT's Advisory. Whee, updating is fun.

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I can't give you a free shell, but I can give you a $5/mo. shell... ;-)

Good luck on recovering your data off the HD. I don't have any leads for you there.

Take care, man.

I know that, but I'm a CheapBastard(tm). :P i.e. poor college student who needs to get his car fixed before he can spend money on anything computer related.

I'm glad Ic an access d: and e: at least. Before I started monkeying I mirrored c: to e:\oldc so that's there too still. E: is equivalent to "My Documents' and has all my personl data so that's the most important. The currently lost F: is mostly installation programs for tons of stuff.

For future reference, I'm told Powerquest (makers of Partition Magic) has a utility called Lost & Found which I'm told will help. I've downloaded it and am going to try it later. :)

Ah, coolness. Thanks for the tip. :-)