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My horoscope reading courtesy of Chenin. :)

Sun Sign (Gemini):

Curious and hungry for knowledge, you are more likely to be envolved in writing or teaching, political or educational careers. A classical information gatherer, you know something about everything, and are never hesitant to share your knowledge with others. You can multi-task like a mad man and succeed at every one of them, and most Gemini are known for their dexterity in their hands. Outgoing, witty, likeable personality, but you have a tendancy to ramble on about one subject or another. You start up many projects at once, and either lose interest or get distracted, leaving them unfinished. You need constant movement.

Moon Sign (Taurus):

Taurus moons are cautious and pragmatic, charming, and have great tenacity of purpose. They are slightly stubborn and self indulgant, and dislike anyone or anything that makes them uncomfortable. You need physical, emotional, and financial security, and need to learn to let go sometimes. You are mature, and can get along with your parents and older people because of this. One parent might have been strict, but you were able to cope because of your shrewdness and charm. Hard working, you strive toward prosperity, and might even take on several jobs at once. You save money and invest wisely so as never to put all your eggs in one basket, and might relax by aromatherophy massages or a session of reflexology. Weight gain and throat problems might become a concern later in life.

Your emotional pattern:

Emotionally solid and stable, you take a sensible and pragmatic approach to life. Security is perhaps your most important consideration, so you soon develop a cautious nature underpinned by an extremely strong sense of self-preservation. You might tend to surround yourself with material things so as to give you a sense of security, structure, and support. Many grow overpossessive, jealous, even neurotically, guarding what or whom they believe is theirs. You are not the sort of individual who leaps blindly into a new relationship. Before you give affections, you will carefully weigh up all the pros and cons in order to satisfy yourself that this individual is really trustworthy and will offer you the stability you require. as well as offer you the physical, financial, and emotional anchors that are essential to your well being. To your relationships you pledge commitment and loyalty, and work hard to make the partnership successful and comfortable. Innately sensual, you like to indulge in yourself and your loved ones whenever possible, so ensuring that you and your family have all the creative comforts you need. Taurus traditionally rules the neck and throat, so those born with the moon in this sign may have a pronounced neck. Either strong and muscular or long and graceful.

Moon Phase (Balsmic Moon):

This time is essentially one of transition, a chance to contemplate what has passed, tie up loose ends, journey inwards and prepare for new beginnings ahead. You have inherited the meditative and introspective characteristics of this phase and yours is a dreamy and contemplative personality. Intuitive and far sighted, you have innate wisdom and a mystical understanding of the workings of mother nature, and of the human condition. For you, activity is spiritual and intellectual, rather than physical. Your experience involves endings and passings, so you are likely to live through many changes. Later life, rather than earlier years, holds the key to your happiness and success.

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