Rick (medlir) wrote,

#soulxchange on irc.unixbum.com

*** Erik is now known as Niceguy
<Niceguy> Mel.. you mind if I use that as my wallpaper?
<Melissa> heh, i don't mind at all.. it's not mine
<Niceguy> lol
<Niceguy> okay
* Niceguy gets rid of the porn wallpaper he had hehehe
<Melissa> lol
* Medlir has never had a porn wallpaper.
<Niceguy> Medlir..
<Niceguy> Are you telling me you nevered used your own naked pics as wallpaper!?!
<Niceguy> Cause that is what I just got rid of : P
<Medlir> Umm yeah, no one else, and efinately not my own. :P
<Medlir> Ack.
<Niceguy> LOL
* Medlir fears.
* Niceguy leers
* boots uses....nevermind
<Melissa> lol
<Medlir> You know, that'll make a good post in my LiveJournal....

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