Rick (medlir) wrote,

Trivia is fun. :)

I love trivia games... it's probably why I own Trivial Pursuit Genus I, III, IV, and Millenium Editions. :P Been playing in #cheesy on Warped. :) My favorite trivia is $trivia on ZuhNet though... irc.bluemoon.net :) Need to decide tomorrow whether I want to leave for the week at the cottage then, or not till Saturday. Maybe I'll go up tomorrow, come back Monday morning with sis, go back there Tuesday afternoon, and come back here Friday. Need to talk to sis since she'll be the driver. I hate to be gone from my computer for a week straight. :P And I really don't want to go to the trouble of moving it right now and taking it with me. I REALLY need to get some money so I can get my laptop fixed... it's so convenient to have a laptop. need to get my personalized "Medlir" licence plate too. Hmm, money is needed. We'll see what happens tomorrow I guess.

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