Rick (medlir) wrote,

#livejournal on irc.warped.net

* Medlir has lemon water.
<mouse> I lost 2 more lbs since last night.
<mouse> ewww.
<Medlir> A slice of lemon in 64 ounces of water.
<mouse> citrus makes my tongue itch
<Medlir> It's better than drinking plain water.
<mouse> plain water is good.
<mouse> i need two more thingies of water
<Medlir> Not when it's warm.
<Cryo> water is odd
<mouse> well, cold water.
<Cryo> if I drink water, it upsets my stomach
<Medlir> Much like Cryo.
<mouse> if you drink warm cryo?
<mouse> pea: dont do what i do
<Cryo> hey
<Cryo> no drinking me
<Medlir> I can drink lots of water, Cryo upsets my stomach though.
<Cryo> I'll cause indigestion
<Medlir> See.
<Cryo> see?
<Cryo> stop that
<Medlir> haha
* mouse drinks Cryo
<Cryo> you're doing that on purpose.
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