I hate when I feel like I'm having quasi-panic attacks for no reason. I get chills and anxiety for no reason at all really, just thinking anout circumstances and life in general. It freaks me out. You'd think I could ignore it since I know it's happening, but it doesn't work that way. It's like the only true nightmares I have... being a lucid dreamer, knowing I'm dreaming, and still not being able to wake myself up.

So I'm at work right now. On Friday, Dean and I worked out a schedule to show the powers that be. So tomorrow I'll showcase and review with him my code for a complete install of our software (it basically just reads in a bunch of registry keys, does checks for other installed software, updates a bunch of paths in several database tables, and reads in a bunch of fields from some tables, does some data manipulation, and spits the result back out into other fields. Fun stuff. A week and half from now I'm supposed to have the "data only install" code done. It's more complicated because I have to check a temp dir for data files, create and maintain a meta table to tell myself what changes have been made, read in the instructions from the meta table, and make the appropriate changes to the functional tables/databases, while backing up, zipping up, and keeping the original data safe. I'm not too worried on how I'm going to do it, it seems pretty straightforward, it's just finding the right commands to do it since I don't know Visual FoxPro all that well. The procedure and process are simple, the implementation is more complicated.

My cam is on like it is so often from work. Not sure anyone watches it. I actually have more hits to my LJ main page than I thought I would have... of course I expected none but myself. Just for fun, I was thinking of making an LJ entry tracker. Putting it in each entry, but that wouldn;t work so well, since it'd get loaded every time my page wasloaded for every entry on top of getting loaded in everyone's friends pages on every entry. If I wanted to go to the work, I could just remove it from eeach previous entry as I added it to each new entry. That's work though. Bleh.

Glasses. I've been wearing some old huge glasses for the last week. On my birthday, my usually *Titanium* Polo Sport glasses that I've worn for the last 2+ years, broke. So semi-blurry and odd vision for Rick for a while. I picked out new lenses last Tuesday or Wednesday. They said give them 7-10 days but they were in like the very next day. I'd go pick them up but I have to pay the balance when I do so I'm waiting till Thursday when i get paid. They're titanium polo sport again, but smaller, and instead of oval shaped, they're kinda elongated octagons. My eye place is pretty cool. I never knew Dr. Sokol's name was Gary though, he doesn't seem like a Gary. :P There's this cool girl that works there too, she did my peripheral eye test, and some other test. I saw her last time too. She has a twin. She said she goes to MSU. I can't find a Ralph Lauren Eyewwear Catalog online anywhere though so I can't link to my new glasses. Feh.

Birthday. I got my DVD Player from my parents, "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" on DVD (two copies actually), I took back one copy and got The Crow on DVD, 4 VHS tapes of DragonBall Z episodes (3 per tape) that Cartoon Network hasn't shown yet, Poe's Haunted album, I bought myself Radiohead's Amnesiac album, $40 from my Grandparents on my Mom's side, $15 from my Dad's Stepmom, and a card from my Dad's biomom. I have my Soul of Fire book on it's way from Kira (we hope, or some heads are gonna roll! :D), a phone call from Kira, numerous happy birthdays here on LJ (that email they send out is helpful even if it has a nasty info leak in it. :P), and several email and web cards (Thank you to Nini, Kimmah, Tempus, Summer, and Shann). I just updated my birthday list by striking out things I got, if anyone feels like buying me anything else, feel free.

Money. I have none. When I get paid on Thursday, basically the entire thing is going to my glasses ($158, insurance cover the basic lenses and $54 of the frames, added $35 for polycarbonate lenses), and $100 to my mom to start paying off my loans again. Then basically the rest will be gas money until my next paycheck. Feh!

I just realized it's going on 5PM already. I should get out of here. I guess I'll check fileflash for anything new worth downloading, finish playing with bolt.com (I've been a member since June 3rd, 1999, who knew), and get out of here. Bleh.